Krug Grande Cuvee 170 eme Edition Brut

Krug Grande Cuvee 170 eme Edition Brut

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A deep, golden hue with vibrant bubbles indicates the fullness and finesse of this cuvée. Floral, ripe, and dried fruity aromas, paired with notes of marzipan, gingerbread, citrus fruits, hazelnut, nougat, barley sugar, jellied fruits, almonds, brioche, and honey lend complexity to its flavor.

This 170th Edition Brut from Krug is a blending feat of more than 120 different wines from 10 or more different years. With a bright, crisp finish and delicate bubbles, it's the perfect accompaniment to a variety of cuisines. The nuanced blend makes it an ideal aperitif or celebratory bubbly.

Food Pairing

Krug Grande Cuvée 170ème Edition Brut is an elegant and complex champagne that will add a unique and playful flair to any occasion. Crafted using the finest ingredients, this sparkling wine is a delightful balance of sweet and savory flavors, perfect for enjoying with a myriad of culinary combinations. Enjoy it as an aperitif, or with dishes ranging from seafood to desserts like cheesecake – for every taste, there is a perfect pairing. Let this special, limited edition bring a bit of sparkle to your next gathering!

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