2010 Dom Perignon Champagne (Magnum)

2010 Dom Perignon Champagne (Magnum)

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Experience the unparalleled pleasure of Dom Perignon 2010. This Magnum bottle's vibrant and full-bodied composition is carefully layered with light aromas and flavors of pineapple, peach, and stone - delivering an exquisitely crisp, focused finish. Its integrated richness and high acidity is sure to make the moment special.

Palate Profile

This champagne offers a luminous sweetness, with tropical fruit aromas, zesty citrus tingle and an abundance of floral accents, all leading to an energetic and scintillating finish. The refine taste of luxury with every sip.

Nose Profile

This magnum offers a delightful combination of juicy pineapple, crisp melon, and zesty green mango. Undertones of mandarin and orange zest create a soft, misty scent that feels like a breath of fresh air, while subtle notes of peony, jasmine, and lilac make it a truly indulging experience.

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